“The Cross” – A Poem

“The Cross” – A Poem

The Cross

Have you ever heard,
Of a story so strange,
An innocent man branded and killed.
Interrogated and persecuted,
Flayed with spiked leathers,
‘Til frail skin opened,
To reveal ivory bones.
Kaleidescope of pain within without,
When will this stop,
When will this end?

The story goes on,
Hung on the cross,
With steel of nails,
Bare naked for all to see.
Everyone jeered,
Everyone laughed,
If He is God,
If He is the Christ,
Let Him come down from the cross!

Not a word was uttered,
Only this He said,
“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”
The skies grew dark,
The land without light,
Covering all from this atrocity.
At last, a triumphant cry,
“It is finished!”
He breathed His last.

They thought they won,
They thought that was the end,
His body laid in a stranger’s tomb.
But nobody thought,
Not even His friends,
That He will arise again,
Not the meek Lamb of God,
But the mighty Lion of Judah!
He appeared to many,
The same yet different,
Giving hope to those who believed.

He ascended to His heavenly abode,
Seated now at the right of His Father,
One and only Saviour to the saints,
From the beginning to the end of time.
This is a story,
Not fable but history retold,
Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, death and ascension!

M.L. Wong

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